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Welcome to Expertise!

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Bienvenue à Expertise!

Who are we?

Business is our expertise

Jean-Luc Dautriat – working for 16 years in the consulting business and for about 30 years in international business. As expertise for you – with expertise in terms of a combination of broad experience, countless (inter) national contacts, many longterm partners in various European countries, and not but least, professional methodology.

Phrasing strategies in simple sentences, can be difficult. Let’s try it anyways: our expertise is geared at promoting your growth – with solutions that are as unique and specific as your company.

So if you are looking for partners to accelerate your growth, we, i.e. my partners and I, are your right choice. Whether investment and/or financing partners, strategic partners or business development partners, we find the right ones for you and realize the goals we have mutually defined.

We work for you personally; without junior consultants, without unnecessary overheads, in a nutshell – lean and efficient.

We speak to the right people for you, the decision-makers; main shareholders, C-level managers, senior managers, always the appropriate level.

Our expertise will open the right doors for you; in Austria, outside of Austria and the other way around – into Austria.

We are independent, no strings attached. Your satisfaction is our only interest, no hidden agenda.

A classic finding of 30 years working in international business: engage before marrying. So please take a look at our references and case studies. Ask us or our customers. And give us sufficient time to get to know you and understand your needs. Our business model includes risk sharing with our customers, i.e. a major part of our fees is performance-based. Because we think that’s fair.

And finally

More often than once, I lift the receiver and give my long-term partner, Emil Weber a call. Why? Not only because we both founded, established and expanded several consultancy agencies, where I was priviledged to work together with and learn from him for 16 years. Not only because he has endorsed me to many of his clients, some of which we supported as a team. But because I cherish the mutual respect we have always paid each other. And above all, because he still is willing to listen to me 🙂

Together with Jean-Luc Dautriat, Emil Weber was founding partner of expertise until June 30th, 2016. He remains at the disposal of Jean-Luc and his clients for questions he covers with his comprehensive expertise.