• (R)evolution: to do otherwise to do better?

    By on 30.12.2017

    Picture one of our ancestors, a Homo erectus e.g. which, despite the Latin and somewhat peremptory name, we like...

  • Tomorrow already starts today

    By on 24.12.2016

    We all have different calendars, different celebrations, different faces, different beliefs and convictions, speak different languages, have different cultures,...

  • Weihnachten bei Expertise

    Christmas at expertise

    By on 19.12.2014

    It is the first Christmas for us here at expertise. We are really looking forward to this season of...

  • My grant diary

    By on 15.5.2014

    The Austrian Federal Government let the pet project of our former vice- chancellor Pröll (not the one with the...

  • Paris: Eifelturm

    On the way to Paris, Ô Jour d’hier!

    By on 6.5.2014

    On the way to Paris, Ô Jour d’hier! Paris, Ô Jour d’hier!…. What is hidden behind this cryptic wording?...