Tomorrow already starts today

Tomorrow already starts today

We all have different calendars, different celebrations, different faces, different beliefs and convictions, speak different languages, have different cultures, do not have the same perspective, including when we look at each other, one at the other right in the eyes, since each person sees the other‘s face. We’re all different. And that’s fine so. What would be the meaning of a single-coloured rainbow? It is this diversity that makes our beauty and our strength. And those of our planet.

Protectionism, populism, stigmatisation and extremism, from all sides and in all forms, crawl cunningly or accompanied by barbarian vociferations like sorcerer’s apprentices to their future puppets, most of the time with a hidden face to conceal their cowardice and their lies. Skin reactions to real problems. Words of hatred vomited, pernicious and nauseating demagogy. Manipulation of the other’s anguish and sly alchemy of the unbridled aggressiveness.

All women and men of goodwill, and they are still the vast majority, have rolled up their sleeves to hand back all this hassle of hatred and stupidity to the place they should never have left, i.e. in a garbage pail. We are going to fight, not by hands, but by acts. Individually and collectively. To fight not against but for.

On the blackboard of the school of life, dirtied by these moulds, we will apply the full range of colours, all different: handshakes, hugs, common joys, thanks, laughter, smiles, humour , listening to each other, respect for each other, trying to understand each other, having a personal opinion, our own desires as the one and only energy drink, speaking smartly to each other without supposingly smart tools, speaking to each other smartly in our towns and villages, which should become human before becoming smart, bringing all lost out of the bottom of their cave to get rid of the shadows they have seen and show them a piece of blue sky. And step by step erase these moulds. Everyone at his level, modestly but with strength. A work of ants, necessary and urgent. Daily. Without naivety, but with determination and realism. Feet on earth and head in the stars.

It is urgent to take the time to do so. We’re starting right away. Already today. Not by big meaningless words, but by little deeds. For example a small letter launched like a bottle in the sea.

Little Prince, please (re) draw Humanity for me.