Case study: business developent special machinery


Loweraustrian specialist for metal processing and special machinery

Company Size:

220 employees

Nature of the consulting project:

Business Development for a new product line

Industry / Product:


Target market:



The client company is a medium-sized producer of products that all require a high degree of metal processing expertise. After an analysis of the strategic business opportunities outside of Austria, it was decided to focus on automotive suppliers in Germany and offer them special machinery. This was done through background research on Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers, subsequent selection and direct contact during a field research, several feedback loops with the company in terms of market communication optimization, transfer of a short-list to the sales team and support of the management in the sales controlling.

The results are firm orders and an abundance of offers in the pipeline. Now the company has earned a good reputation and a strong market position in this segment.

Challenges ( and their solutions ):

The company had only one Austrian customer as a reference. It was therefore a matter of presenting the technical expertise of our client in conjunction with a good commercial proposal. The first German customer was won by combining a very sophisticated technical solution with some very attractive pilot customer conditions.

Customer benefits / success of the consulting:

Sales to German customers, sales pipeline, market recognition