Case study: business development special window manufacturer


Leading Austrian window and door manufacturer

Company Size :

280 people

Nature of the consulting project:

Business Development British Isles and France

Industry / Product:

Timber, timber-aluminum windows and doors

Target markets:

England , Scotland , Ireland; France


The company is, behind Internorm and Josko, the largest manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors made of wood in Austria. The construction boom in the British Isles after the turn of the millennium and the market entry of Internorm in these markets prompted the management to see this area as a strategic export destination. The goal was to break into this market of 60 million and secure a further revenue stream besides Austria and the South Tyrol.

First, market research was carried out and and then potential partners were contacted in all target markets. Those shortlisted were visited and selected. At the end of this phase distributors for England , Scotland and Ireland had been set up, and joint marketing and sales activities had been defined and performed e.g. trade shows and advertising campaigns.

Challenges (and their solutions):

In the UK , there were three main challenges . On the one hand the products. Approx. 1/3 of the market are sliding windows, 50 % outside opening, and only the rest are inward opening windows (usually tilt/turn). The company could initially only address this last area. Second, the quality awareness and thus the price level (excluding London) is very modest. The third challenge arrived in 2009:, the financial crisis with the slump in the housing markets, which especially hit Ireland in full force .

The solution to the first challenge was to develop a special UK window. For the second the rising interest in sustainability and energy efficiency has been very beneficial. This is reflected in the success of the trade show Ecobuild, dedicated to sustainable construction in the UK. And at least in the UK, especially London, the private home market is back on track.

Customer benefits / success of the consulting:

Intensive market information, cooperation with partners in the development of UK window, first reference installations. The company now has its own sales office in the UK.