Croatie: aides aux entreprises et financements de projets

Croatie: aides aux entreprises et financements de projets

Vous cherchez une aide financière pour votre filiale ou/et pour votre projet en Croatie, membre de l’Union Européenne depuis 2013 ?

Dans cet article, nous vous présentons brièvement le cabinet de conseil avec qui nous travaillons en Croatie, mentionnons quelques-unes de ses références et vous donnons un bref aperçu des différents programmes actuels, susceptibles d’être intéressants pour votre entreprise et/ou votre projet.

Ces informations sont en anglais, ce qui facilitera une éventuelle communication future pour un projet concernant votre société dans ce pays.


Consists of several seasoned experts in the field of grants and incentives. The members are especially competent for Croatian governmental funds. One knows the Croatian glassworks regions well, another is useful in the petrochemical sector, since he worked as a former management board member of the Croatian electric company. While not directly involved in that industry, he knows it very well. The team is formed and led by an American consultant, who has been working in the West Balkans for over 10 years. He is an expert for EU grants and co-funding.

General overview of grants and incentives in Croatia

Manufacturing modernization and extensions:

incentives are available if they create jobs. Tangible and intangible investments qualify as do gross wages for two years. Investment must be maintained for 3–5 years depending upon the size of the firm involved. In addition, tax incentives are available. Training and employment incentives, too.

Energy savings:

a number of sources including increasingly EU funds locally administered. Co-financing available for documentation and implementation of energy-saving measures, including specifically conversion to renewables. EBRD and others are funding co-gen, although primarily for local governments. Interest-free loans are also available as are ESCO programs with HEP and private parties (not aid, but still worth noting). Solar is not worth looking at, because the feed-in-tariffs aren’t good, but wind and some forms of biomass are, provided that you can get the fuel. We have serious experts for this who know all the relevant people and programs.


Local incentives are scarce, EU – H2020 the man source to be aimed at.

References corporate investment projects

The following are some of the ongoing projects. They give a good indication of what kind of grants are available  and the range of volumes. These are EU grants administered by the Croatian government.
The expert who prepared/assisted in preparing these applications has a great deal of experience in working with Croatian governmental entities, including in particular those providing official finance to local and foreign companies.

  • Antun Augutinčić Gallery Reconstruction project (Klanjec). Grant 98% of the project value (EUR 8 Million) – Project in progress
  • ZMH HORVAT – Construction and development of the new production and logistic center, Konjščina. Project total value EU 3,5 million (grant 35% according to Grant rules) – Project passed the evaluation stage and is In contracting stage.
  • Project Leader for 5 applications for various industrial sites – total value EU 15 million – expected grants 35%–45% of the total project value.

References EU projects

We have been involved in several grant projects funded by EU-authorities:

  • Training of management consultants to ICMCI standards (2009–2010)
  • Export Promotion Consultancy (2008–2010)
  • Faculty for management – Improvement of the work environment (2008–2011)
  • FP7 application (2011) (prepared, but not awarded)
  • Assistance to young business researchers(2008–2013, 2009–2014)
  • P1a, P1b, P2 projects of the Slovenian Enterprise Fund
  • DecentWork (EEA NorwayGrants)
  • EUROSTARS (2012)
  • Center of Excellence COBIK (2009–2013)
  • PACINNO (IPA Adriatic, 2013–2015)

References public authorities

We work for and support several institutions in Croatia.

  • Eastern European Construction Forecasting Association
  • Krapina-Zagorje County
  • FER (local engineering and computer science faculty)