Case study: interim management online services


Upperaustrian niche player in web platforms

Company Size:

10 Employees

Nature of the consulting project:

Interim management


Web platforms to increase cognitive, emotional and physical performance

Target markets:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland


The company has been developing and marketing systems for the psycho-social care of dementia patients for over 10 years. Now it was necessary to diffuse this knowledge into other related areas, generate new products and business models and develop the appropriate international marketing strategy. The aim of the activity was to structure the approach for Germany and Switzerland, to win the first reference customers for the new market segments (Dyslexia; corporate employee´s health programmes), and ensure the long-term corporate financing for the implementation of the international growth strategy.

The result is a complete marketing and sales planning, based on the comprehensive business plan, including sales and financial planning as a basis for an appropriate corporate financing; are the first customers (trainers and consultants, publishers, corporations), business development partners and large project partners (e.g. from the pharmaceutical industry).

Challenges (and their solutions):

The addressed market segments are growing rapidly , but web solutions for the addressed problems are not yet widespread. In order to achieve rapid market penetration, significant investments in M&S are required. Financing this is the main challenge. As long as this is not finalized, the pace of market development will be slow.

Customer benefits/success of interim management:

LOI of an institutional investor has been negotiated and is due to be signed shortly, the first sales in the new fields of business have been concluded, numerous contracts and contacts with distribution and OEM partners.